Active Directory 2019 backup on AWS EC2

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Hi team

We are considering deploying domain controllers on AWS as ec2.

The doubt comes from the backup strategy.

AWS has a service called AWS BACKUP, the doubt is that we are not sure if recovering a snapshop is viable on the platform and not have problems.

The version we will use is windows server 2019 that although it is already prepared to virtualize AD, I have doubts about which strategy to use.

Any recommendations?

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Active Directory
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Windows Server Backup
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  1. Anonymous

    The much simpler safer method is to always maintain at least two domain controllers for high availability and for disaster mitigation.

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    Hello there,

    In Windows Wbadmin.exe is a command-line utility that enables you to back up and restore your operating system, volumes, files, folders, and applications from a command prompt.

    You can use either Windows Server backup or Wbadmin.exe to perform a System State backup of a domain controller to back up Active Directory. Microsoft recommends using either a dedicated internal disk or an external removable disk such as a USB hard disk to perform the backups.

    You might be guided well if you can post this in AWS-specific forums.

    Hope this resolves your Query !!

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