What's the syntax for wildcards in the Edge proxysettings policy in InTune?

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I've been staring at this issue all day, so am turning to the great hive mind for help!

Trying to deploy some edge proxy settings to Windows 10 clients running edge 131.x, via InTune... I want to set a proxy server, and a proxy bypass list, with a couple of domains, and any associated sub domains...

So in Intune I'm:

  1. creating a new configuration profile
  2. Platform = Windows 10 and later
  3. Profile type = Templates
  4. Template name = Administrative Templates
  5. Naming it
  6. Then navigating to Computer config - edge - proxy server - proxy settings
  7. Enabling that and adding a string along the lines of

{ "ProxyMode": "fixed_servers", "ProxyServer": "", "ProxyBypassList": "*.myinternaldomain.com"}

The problem is that it doesn't seem to recognise the normal * wildcard, and any traffic for xxxx.myinternaldomain.com gets routed to the proxy.

If I set the string to { "ProxyMode": "fixed_servers", "ProxyServer": "", "ProxyBypassList": "server1.myinternaldomain.com,server2.myinternaldomain.com"} it accepts each individual bypass entry ok. However I really don't want to have to list every internal host individually.

How do I use a wildcard in this instance?

I've tried https://*.myinternaldomain.com, *myinternaldomain.com *.myinternaldomain.com nothing seems to work, and I can't find any helpful information on Microsoft documentation, all of the examples use single domains for example https://www.microsoft.com only, no suggestion for wildcarding.

Many Thanks.

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  1. Sander 5 Reputation points

    I have finally figured it out, you will need to add 2 entries per domain, one with wildcard and one without, like this:
    { "ProxyMode": "fixed_servers", "ProxyServer": "", "ProxyBypassList": "*.myinternaldomain.com,myinternaldomain.com"}

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