No forms appearing in custom template VS 2022 Mac or PC

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I have been looking over the material for the new templating engine, and, and have created a .template.json file that has everything i need. The issue is what i thought would bring up a form does not and i need forms to take in a little bit of data from the user in both VS 2022 Mac and VS 2022 PC. Below is my sudo code:

    "$schema": "",
    "author": ",
    "classifications": [ "Web" ],
    "generatorVersions": "[1.0.*)",
    "identity": "",
    "name": "",
    "groupIdentity": "",
    "shortName": "",
    "sourceName": "Template.1",
    "tags": {
        "language": "C#",
        "type": "project"
    "preferNameDirectory": true,
    "symbols": {
        "ClientId": {
            "type": "parameter",
            "displayName": "AzureAD Application (client) ID",
            "defaultValue": "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000",
            "replaces": "__CLIENTID__"
        "TenantId": {
            "type": "parameter",
            "displayName": "AzureAD Directory (tenant) ID",
            "defaultValue": "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000",
            "replaces": "__TENANTID__"
        "ClientSecret": {
            "type": "parameter",
            "displayName": "AzureAD Client Secret",
            "defaultValue": "00000~0000000000000000000000000000000000",
            "replaces": "__CLIENTSECRET__"
        "ApiScopes": {
            "type": "parameter",
            "displayName": "API Scopes (space delimited)",
            "defaultValue": "",
            "replaces": "__APISCOPES__"
        "SkipRestore": {
            "type": "parameter",
            "datatype": "bool",
            "description": "If specified, skips the automatic restore of the project on create.",
            "defaultValue": "false"
    "postActions": [
            "condition": "(!skipRestore)",
            "description": "Restore NuGet packages required by this project.",
            "manualInstructions": [
                { "text": "Run 'dotnet restore'" }
            "actionId": "210D431B-A78B-4D2F-B762-4ED3E3EA9025",
            "continueOnError": true
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  1. Lange Gregory 20 Reputation points

    Sorry for the delay, it turns out that in VS For Mac the framework selection is still required or nothing will work as intended. I added that and everything is working for my template. I did see you are sunsetting VS for Mac, but i just hope VS Code is up to par when that occurs.

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