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I am trying to force a specific DHCP clients to get IP address from specific scope in a superscope setup but it does not work

Basically I have two scopes

Scope A range

Scope B range

They are combined in superscope.

Now, I want a specific clients based on DHCP option 60 to get IP address from scope B. I have added a policy to Scope B which match this specific DHCP option but it does not work

I tried to add a policy to Scope A, which says "Not equals" to this vendor specific option, hoping to force the DHCP server to pick the Scope B, but it does not work as well

Any ideas?


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  1. Limitless Technology 44,101 Reputation points

    Hello there,

    DHCP Server offers a client a lease based on the scope - and the scope chosen is based on the interface the DHCP Discover is first received, Thus you need to ensure that the server receives the requests via the right interface.

    There are a few ways to force clients to take IP addresses from the first DHCP server in a LAN with multiple DHCP servers. One option is to configure the DHCP server with a higher priority or precedence value. Another option is to use DHCP relay agents to direct clients to the first DHCP server. You can also configure DHCP clients to only accept DHCP offers from specific servers using DHCP filters, or use DHCP reservation to assign specific IP addresses to certain clients

    Hope this resolves your Query !!

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  2. Kalin Hristov 0 Reputation points

    Thanks for the reply. I have only one server with two scopes, combined in one superscope. The clients are directly connected to the DHCP server. There are no routers in between. The current algorithm that I see the server is using is to utilize the first scope, and when there are no more addresses, the server starts to use the second scope. The only option that I currently know that is working is to reserve an address from the second scope to the client's MAC address and it is working, but this is not scalable. I want to be able to select the scope via DHCP option 60, but the scope policy that I create does not kick in for some reason

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