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What is "X-OriginatorOrg" in message header ?

If this value is missing in message headers , then what this means?

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  1. Arash Hoseinpoor 315 Reputation points

    The "X-OriginatorOrg" field in a message header is not a standard field defined by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) for email messages. The "X-" prefix typically denotes an extension or non-standard header field that is used for specific purposes by certain email systems or applications.

    Without more context or information about the specific email system or application in question, it is difficult to provide an exact definition of what "X-OriginatorOrg" might represent. In general, it could be a custom header field introduced by a particular organization or email service provider to store information about the original sender's organization or to track internal routing within their system.

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