Bing map points defined by URL no longer display

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Pins are no longer displayed unless the point name is recognised in Bing place names or associated card is opened. So a collection of points defined by URL is invisible unless all are recognised place names. This is a loss of previous functionality as points of interest or trails cannot now be displayed as Bing can only store a finite set of places. Is there any workaround? This change of behaviour does not seem to be documented. Here is an example with 2 points in the URL

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  1. rbrundritt 16,461 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    It looks like you are using the Bing Maps consumer website. Note that the consumer website is not an enterprise product or service, and functionality can change without notice at any time. The functionality on that site changes regularly.

    Also note that these forums are for Microsoft's enterprise developer map platforms (Azure Maps, and Bing Maps). For issues related to the consumer website, you can provide feedback using the Feedback button in the bottom right corner of the map, or try the Microsoft Answers forums which are focused on Microsoft's consumer products:

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  2. Duncan Lawler - MSFT 571 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    The URL you posted seems to be working normally for me. Perhaps it was an intermittent issue?

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  3. IoTGirl 3,051 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    Hi @tcbh ,

    I am not sure what you are expecting to see but as Ricky notes this is the "" experience so the view may change based on the experience team for What they do support is this model to build a URL and you should be able to use it to display a minimal number of points. For something more in depth, Ricky's answer stands to check out Bing Maps for Enterprise ( or Azure Maps (



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