Can vs2022 do the same include path search just like vs code?

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First, I have a project Folder structure just like picture below(why there 2 same folder name?I don‘t know )

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Then,in the vs code,set include path ,and use it see below picture

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Now,I want use this project in visual studio 2022, there is a problem,I have to add two folder name,otherwise VS2022 can't find the header file

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PLEASE ,someone can help me,is there any way can make it use same path as vscode to find the head file ?

yes can change code for vs2022 ,add a folder name,but there is too many code need to change。

so please help me,thanks!!!

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    Try to specify “D:\Test\myhead” instead of “D:\Test” for all of configurations and platforms. You can also put both, separated by “;”. And use #include "myhead/testhead.h".

    Or reorganise the folders: move from “D:\Test\myhead\myhead” to “D:\Test\myhead” and remove the empty “D:\Test\myhead\myhead”.

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