Azure Databrick dbfs file uploaded and folder created not listing in notebook and vice versa.

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I have created multiple folders in location dbfs:/FileStore/demo_store using Browse DBFS.

These folders are not listed when accessing from notebook using %ls.

Dont think,its due to syntax.Nop.

I was working with folder and uploaded file in morning.Now when i created new folder its not working. And also the folders created by notebook using mkdir command listed in notebook but not displayed in explorer/browse

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In code(notebook) i am using :
This not works - %ls /FileStore/demo_store/trained_models/

This works. - %ls /FileStore/demo_store/

the folder created in morning and files uploaded in morning are still accessible from notebook.But now when i upload in explorer its not showing in notebook, and saved in notebook not shown in explorer.

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