Updating Employee Hire Date with PowerShell.

Stefan Diedericks 125 Reputation points

Is the a script a can use to update EmployeeHireDate with PowerShell while referencing a csv list for the list of employees?

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  1. Andreas Baumgarten 103.4K Reputation points MVP

    Hi @Stefan Diedericks ,

    this should be possible using the Update-AzADUser cmdlet of the AzureAD PowerShell module.

    Read the content of the CSV file first (UPN or ObjectID is required) and use a foreach loop for every line in the CSV file.

    A sample could look like this (not tested!):

    $csvFile = "users.csv" # assuming there is a column named UPN
    $hireDate = (Get-Date).Date # Get date of today
    Import-Csv -Path $csvFile | ForEach-Object {
        Update-AzADUser -UPNOrObjectId $_.UPN -EmployeeHireDate $hireDate

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    Andreas Baumgarten