Which Windows 11 version allows multiple remote desktop sessions

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I want some users to connect through remote desktop in a Windows 11 PC at the same time. Whatever I tried in the current version (Windows 11 Pro) I can't enable multiple remote desktop sessions.

Is there any other Windows 11 version that allows this?

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    Hello kpackaging,

    Thank you for your question and for reaching out with your question today.

    In Windows 11, the ability to have multiple concurrent Remote Desktop sessions is not supported in the standard versions such as Windows 11 Pro. By default, Windows 11 Pro allows only one remote session at a time.

    However, there is a Windows 11 version called Windows 11 Enterprise that supports multiple concurrent Remote Desktop sessions. Windows 11 Enterprise provides the Windows 11 Pro features along with additional capabilities for larger organizations, including the ability to have multiple simultaneous remote desktop connections.

    To enable multiple concurrent Remote Desktop sessions in Windows 11 Enterprise, you would need to meet the licensing requirements and obtain the appropriate Windows 11 Enterprise licenses. Then, you can set up and configure the Remote Desktop Services (RDS) role on a server running Windows 11 Enterprise to allow multiple users to connect remotely.

    It's important to note that setting up and managing Remote Desktop Services (RDS) requires advanced technical knowledge and proper licensing compliance. It is recommended to consult with your organization's IT department or licensing experts to ensure you have the necessary licenses and guidance to implement multiple concurrent Remote Desktop sessions in a compliant and secure manner.

    Please keep in mind that licensing terms and conditions can change over time, so it's essential to verify the specific licensing requirements and capabilities of Windows 11 Enterprise for multiple concurrent Remote Desktop sessions in accordance with the latest information from Microsoft or your licensing provider.

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