"Item not found" error is returned when i try to get file details that has been shared by the external user

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Shared with me API provides me the list of all files and folders that are shared by internal and external users.
The Shared API URL is mentioned below

But when I try to access the shared DriveItem resource of the file that has been shared by the external user bypassing DriveID and File ID into the API
The API throws an error as -
"error": {
"code": "itemNotFound",
"message": "Item not found",
"innerError": {
"date": "2020-10-20T12:07:39",
"request-id": "5a3b3836-fe3e-450a-837e-1b3e962ac94b",
"client-request-id": "5a3b3836-fe3e-450a-837e-1b3e962ac94b"

But the Same API works fine with the file shared with Internal Users.
Am I missing something here any help is greatly appreciated?

Kuldeep K

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  1. Amos Wu-MSFT 4,051 Reputation points

    Hi @WMio Connectors ,
    As I test about the /drives/{remoteItem-driveId}/items/{remoteItem-id} api,when the file is shared from different tenants, the api cannot be returned successfully, and the error reported is Invalid request.
    When I use mismatched remoteItem-driveId and remoteItem-id, the operation result will report the same error as yours.

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  2. Joseph Flack 1 Reputation point

    Same problem here. I have a script that is iterating over all of my folders in root of my drive. I then make an API call to get the children of each folder. When I do this for folders that are created by me as opposed to shared with me, I get a good result. But when I do this for folders shared with me, I get (a) a response with 0 items if I search using the items 'id' as returned from my previous query listing rot folders, or (b) an erroneous response stating not found / auth issue (idr) in the case that I use 'remoteItem' 'id'.

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  3. Damien Cuvillier 1 Reputation point

    Hello ! I have the exact same problem with "Item not found".

    We share (with permission API) a presentation from OneDrive with a specific user. When we want to connect programmatically with this specific user and try to access the document with this route /drives/{remoteItem-driveId}/items/{remoteItem-id} It doesn't work. I have tried a lot of things but I cant figure this out. Could someone help me ?

    The problem is always "Item not found".

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  4. Joseph Flack 1 Reputation point
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