User migration issue - Problemas de migración de usuarios

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I have got a windows server 2008 domain controller and a windows server 2022 domain controller with trust relationship.

Users works on windows 10 computers. 

We are trying to migrate users from ws2008 dc to ws2022 dc changing their name on destination, EX: 

user jhon@example.local will be called marc@test.local ( diferent name and domain).

We have tested with the tool suggested by Microsoft, USMT, which works perfectly between domain controllers with the same operating system version, but in our case, being a WS2008 and a WS2022, it doesn't work.

The other tool that we have used is Profwiz that migrates the profile correctly but on the destination, the user folder continues to maintain the name of the source (jhon in our example), therefore, what we do is change the name manually (right click - change name), and then in the registry under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList.

So, when we make these changes manually, it doesn't make changes in the paths of the registry or programs, and gives us an error.

They are a lot of users, we can't manually create again, so we need to know if there is a solution for our problem or a tool to rename the user folder and automatically update it in registry and applications. If not, if anyone knows other application or tool for user migration, that works with full profiles and does not require change the name of user folder manually when name change on destination.

Thank u!

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