How Change Windows 11 Taskbar Size ?

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can anyone help how to change Windows 11 Taskbar size i really hate default size... why there no Taskbar Resize on Windows 11 that was most basic Setting all user need why the Developer erase that Setting... this's sh*ck

i try this method 6 times but never work...

Right-click the Advanced key, select New and click on DWORD (32-bit) Value.

Registry Advanced key

Name the key TaskbarSi and press Enter.

Double-click the newly created DWORD and change its value from 0 to 2 to change the Taskbar icons size to large. The value 0 is for the small size and 1 is for the default icon size.

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    Hello Alter M,

    Thank you for your question and for reaching out with your question today.

    I understand that you're frustrated with the default size of the Taskbar in Windows 11 and would like to change it. However, I must inform you that as of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, Windows 11 does not provide an official built-in option to resize the Taskbar.

    The method you mentioned, modifying the registry key, is not a supported or recommended solution, and it's possible that it may not work as expected or could have unintended consequences. Modifying the registry can potentially cause system instability or other issues.

    Microsoft periodically updates Windows, and new features and options may be introduced in future updates. It's possible that Microsoft may introduce a Taskbar resizing option in a future Windows 11 update, but I don't have information on specific plans or timelines for such changes.

    In the meantime, I would recommend exploring alternative customization options available in Windows 11, such as changing the Taskbar alignment, choosing a different Taskbar layout, or exploring third-party software or themes that offer more extensive customization options for the Taskbar.

    Please note that any modifications or third-party tools used for customization should be obtained from trusted sources and used with caution, as they can potentially introduce security risks or system instabilities. It's always a good practice to create a system restore point or backup before making any significant changes to your system.

    Keep an eye on official Windows updates and announcements from Microsoft for any changes or new features related to Taskbar customization in Windows 11.

    I used AI provided by ChatGPT to formulate part of this response. I have verified that the information is accurate before sharing it with you.

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  1. Alter M 160 Reputation points

    what a Disappointment... it's simple setting but it's Important... and windows 11 is to many Wasted Space why not make it small and simple...

    i expect windows 11 is more simple than windows 10 but not... it is the sistem is better but unfortunately not Beatiful and Elegant at all it's just a flat... especially the settings option...

    i miss windows 7 beautiful interface and simple setting... but unfortunatly the sistem is too old for now era... T_TScreenshot 2023-07-14 0238366

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  2. Pamela Clark 55 Reputation points

    It’s more than disappointing. I never updated to 11 I heard it had problems. But I had to have a new computer and they only come with 11. In todays age we have to put up with this incompetent version. I can’t even put the task bar at the top. I hate it at the bottom. They force us to use technology but they don’t make it user friendly. Now I see why my friends are buying MACs. Come on Microsoft get with the program. Update windows 11.

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  3. Anuradha Sarup 40 Reputation points

    As an older person, I also found the taskbar icons much too small for comfort. After trying multiple google search given youtube methods, I found a simple solution that worked.
    Step 1. Change 'Scale' under Display in Settings to more or less or more as per your need. I set it to 200%. Taskbar icons became nice and easy to use.
    Step 2. Change 'Text size' under Accessibility in Settings to increase or decrease as per your preference.
    With a combination of both these steps, my Display is comfortable again and no changes in registry or additional software was needed. Hope this helps :)

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  4. Dominik Jégl 10 Reputation points

    Hi guys! You can do it with StartAllBack

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