How to fix "Error C2504 'CLifetimeCuller': base class undefined" error in vs2019

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I have a legacy project and we are upgrading the project's IDE from vs2003 to 2019.

it is a long jump. I am having a problem, which is a bottleneck for the delivery.


Error C2504 'CLifetimeCuller': base class undefined

Based on the investigation, I found that the CLifetimeCuller class was declared in atlcache.h file, and this file has been removed from vs2008.

I am having a lot of errors due to not having atlcache.h file in vs2019. Could somebody suggest to me how I can resolve the error?

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    The atlcache.h file was a part of the ancient ATLServer that was released to the public many years ago by Microsoft which ceased maintaining it.

    An internet search found a copy of that file at

    You will need to determine if that copy (and any other old ATLServer files) can be successfully used with VS2019.

    Also, see