Azure Batch Account Pools Node state stuck in "Waiting for Start Task"

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This is related to my question here.

Instead of placing the install-module inside the powershell script, I've placed it inside the Start Task in the Pool like what is mentioned at the @8:17 of this video.

After that I've created the changes and saved it.

Start Task

then REBOOTED the Node to make sure the changes are applied. But after doing so now the Node is stuck in "Waiting for start task"


I tried running my Pipeline in ADF and it's just stuck in "In Progress" status also. Do I need to create another pool or node? Because I've noticed previously before making these changes that the State of the Pool is "Idle" and not "Waiting for Start Task". It only started to happen the moment I've rebooted the node.

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  1. Suba Balaji 10,946 Reputation points

    Colinn Calaguas

    Seems like the modules you are trying to install are untrusted and you are being prompted before installation. If you can force install, without any prompts, it might work. Like, below

    install-module <modulename> -force

    If that too doesn't solve the problem. please try this before you run the install commands, to register the Powershell repository as trusted one

    Register-PSRepository -Default -InstallationPolicy Trusted

    The above syntax is for PS version 5+. If the version on the node is not this, we can try the below syntax.

    Register-PSRepository -Name PSGallery -SourceLocation -InstallationPolicy Trusted

    please let us know how it goes.