So many problems with the MS Q&A site

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This is the first time I've used the Q&A site and I'm really surprised by the bugs. The items I encountered:

  1. When I added a comment to someone's post, it didn't expand and highlight it. I was confused as to where my comment was. I thought I was adding a solution but I was just replying. Ok lessen learned on the difference between the two.
  2. I added an answer to someone's question. It didn't appear for minutes. I'm unsure why it wasn't there. So I answered it again. Now both were visible as soon as I added the second answer
  3. I can't delete my answer or mark it as hidden. So I decided to edit it and say it was a duplicate mistake. I changed the text, saved, but the post didn't update. I waited a while but it still never updated. I refreshed, closed the page, opened in private browsing, still not updated. I went to edit the post again and my changed content is in the edit mode. When I clicked save it gave me an error that nothing had changed. It seems the backend database had the latest version of my post but the front end was rendering the old version. I then added a . to the end of the text to allow it to save again and the previous version of the comment showed up. You can see the post here; and it's always behind by 1 edit. I just checked again 10 minutes later, I added 4th to the end of the text and now my added . is visible but not the 4th. It's still behind by 1 edit.
  4. When searching for questions, I can't find the Microsoft Q&A tag in the list of tags. How am I supposed to see if someone has reported an issue or not?
  5. I type @ but I don't see a list of people in the thread.
  6. Editing in markdown mode the HOME and END keys on my keyboard take me to the start and end of the whole post and not the individual lines.
  7. There is no preview mode in editing markdown.
  8. When I posted this item, it was greeted with a 404 page not found. Refreshing found the page. I suggest that the code posts and waits until it detects the URL is live, then navigates to it....

I can't believe I've encountered so many bugs. Hasn't this site been around for a while? Github Discussions seems more advanced and usable than this. I'm really really really disappointed.

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