OpEx vs CapEx in datacenter

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"Paying electricity for your datacenter is an example of OpEx". Is it true or false?

For me it is clearly "true" since you pay for electricity month to month. Also you pay for how much you use. Those are 2 factors typical for OpEx.

But in many exam practise test you can find it as "false" meaning electricity is CapEx. However i can not find any reason for that since CapEx means paying upfront for everything no matter how much you use.

So what should be real answer for it? True or false?

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  1. Azar 14,020 Reputation points

    Hi @jan kowalski

    You are right, I personally have completed az900,az204 and az400 so as far as my knowledge it is true

    Paying electricity for a data center is an example of an operational expense (OpEx). Operational expenses refer to the ongoing costs incurred in the day-to-day operations of a business or organization. These expenses are essential for maintaining and running the business but are not directly related to capital investments or long-term assets.

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  2. Katja Kreitner 0 Reputation points

    Let's look at it another way. The hardware (CapEx) that you set up for the data center requires power. This is part of the equipment. Without electricity, your data center will not work.

    You can also read about this in the documentation:

    "Capital Expense (CAPEX): The upfront investment in equipment. This equipment is capitalized as an asset and put on your balance sheet."

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