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Hi. I am trying to allow BBC Microbits to use the USB drives for educational purposes here at a school. The USB drives are otherwise locked down for security reasons. I am just wondering if anyone else has tried doing this? I am currently trying to do it by allowing by device ID on group policy but I can't find a hardware ID for the device. Thank you

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    Hello there,

    To allow BBC Microbits to use USB drives for educational purposes at a school, you may need to adjust the settings on the computers or network to enable the use of USB drives. Here are a few steps you can take:

    Check USB port permissions: Ensure that the USB ports on the school computers are not disabled or restricted through group policies or other security settings. You can check the Group Policy settings on the computers to determine if there are any restrictions in place.

    Enable USB storage access: If USB storage access is disabled on the computers, you may need to enable it. This can usually be done through the computer's BIOS settings or the operating system settings. Consult the documentation for the computers or contact your IT department for assistance.

    Adjust antivirus or security software settings: Some antivirus or security software may have settings that restrict the use of USB drives. Check the settings of such software on the computers and ensure that USB drive access is allowed.

    Implement USB device management: To manage USB drives and ensure security, you can consider implementing USB device management solutions. These solutions allow you to control and monitor USB device usage within the school network. They provide features like whitelisting allowed devices and controlling access permissions.

    Educate students on safe USB usage: Provide guidelines and educate students on safe USB usage practices to mitigate any potential security risks associated with USB drives. Teach them about scanning USB drives for viruses, not sharing or inserting unknown USB drives, and being cautious with downloaded files.

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    Hope this resolves your Query !!

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