My Python app runs locally. I deploy it via Github but it doesn't run?

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This is my first Python App deployment and first time using Azure.

My app runs locally. I use VS Code to deploy via GitHub. It shows as deployed. Yet I still get the Welcome screen when I visit the app URL.

If I FTPS from my PC I just see a newly created output.tar.gz (date and timestamp matches deployment) file, the hostingstart.html and oryx-manifest.toml.

I have tried to just manually place my files in the root but it still doesn't run.

Have I missed a configuration or set-up step?

Azure App Service
Azure App Service
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  1. Sean 0 Reputation points

    Resolved: For any other noobs out there. When I created my Python script I gave it a custom name. So running it locally I was calling that name.

    I overlooked the fact that is the default that Azure would look for. I renamed my script (I know I could have changed the config), to and it runs.

    Thanks for everyone's time.