Cannot enable isInferenceExplainabilityEnabled via REST Api

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Based on what has been explained here I tried to call Azure Personalizer Service Configuration API to enable Inference Explainability feature. Every time I called, it returned with 200 OK result. But in fact it didn't enable anything.

As explained in the document, I make a PUT call to https://{Personalizer-Endpoint}/personalizer/v1.1-preview.1/configurations/service and add entry “IsInferenceExplainabilityEnabled”: true to the end of the current configuration. It returns 200 OK but it doesn't enable anything.

Even if I query current configurations via making a GET call to https://{Personalizer-Endpoint}/personalizer/v1.1-preview.1/configurations/service it shows that IsInferenceExplainabilityEnabled has not been enabled at all.

I think the API might be broken or faulty. Is there anything I'm missing?

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