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I am trying to convert a Hyper-V Cluster Storage VHD Set to a VHDX format. I have found countless documentation on converting VHD to VHDX but I cannot find anything on Converting VHD sets to anything else.

Is it Possible?

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    Converting a Hyper-V Cluster Storage VHD Set directly to VHDX format is not supported by default. VHD Sets are a specialized type of virtual disk format introduced in Windows Server 2016 for use with shared storage in failover clustering scenarios.

    To convert a Hyper-V Cluster Storage VHD Set to VHDX format, you'll need to follow a two-step process:

    Convert VHD Set to VHD format: First, you'll need to convert the VHD Set to the regular VHD format. You can achieve this by using the "Convert-VHD" PowerShell cmdlet. Here's an example:

    Convert-VHDSetToVHD -Path "C:\Path\To\VHDSet.vhds" -DestinationPath "C:\Path\To\ConvertedVHD.vhd"

    Convert VHD to VHDX format: Once you have the VHD file from the VHD Set, you can then proceed to convert it to the VHDX format. This can be done using the "Convert-VHD" cmdlet as well. Here's an example:

    Convert-VHD -Path "C:\Path\To\ConvertedVHD.vhd" -DestinationPath "C:\Path\To\ConvertedVHDX.vhdx" -VHDType Dynamic

    Please note that the above commands are PowerShell examples and should be executed on a system with the appropriate PowerShell modules installed. Adjust the paths and filenames as per your environment.

    By following these steps, you should be able to convert a Hyper-V Cluster Storage VHD Set to VHDX format indirectly. Remember to make backups of your original VHD Set and proceed with caution when performing disk conversions to avoid data loss or other issues.

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