Size of Storage Account and Limits when Sending Attachments(video, pdf, images. etc) to DirectLine via PostActivity with Attachments

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I have a couple of questions regarding Azure storage accounts and using the DirectLine API with attachments. I would appreciate any insights you can provide.

  1. Sending Multiple Attachments: In my scenario, I need to send a batch of 100 image attachments simultaneously through the DirectLine API. Will sending such a large number of attachments together have any impact on the message delivery or performance? Are there any specific limitations or considerations I should be aware of when sending a large number of attachments? There is any size limit of directline storage account container?
  2. What is the expiry time for the attachments url which is provided by directline(Base 64 URLs of attachments)
  3. Please provide the documents related above questions as well data security for the directline messages.

Thank you for your assistance! I'm looking forward to any guidance or recommendations you can provide regarding these questions.

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    Hi @Nandha Kumar V

    Sending Multiple Attachments: Sending a batch of 100 image attachments through the DirectLine API may impact message delivery and performance. Consider the message size limit (64KB) and any limitations of Azure storage accounts, such as transactions per second and storage capacity.

    Attachment URL Expiry Time: The expiry time for attachment URLs provided by DirectLine (Base 64 URLs) depends on your implementation and storage service. You can configure the expiry time when generating the URLs or set up a specific policy for URL expiration.

    Data Security: Ensure data security by encrypting sensitive information, transmitting it securely over HTTPS, and following best practices. Refer to Azure's security documentation for guidance on securing DirectLine messages and adhering to compliance requirements.

    Refer the documentation links below

    if this helps kindly accept the answer, for any assistance ping here, thanks much.

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