Create a folder in Deployment Share to be copied to scriptroot folder automaticatly

Imanol Oiarzabal 10 Reputation points

I need to create a folder in my deployment share that i want to be copied to every offline media i created to \content%deployroot% folder. it contains some tools and notes that i need after the installation.

When i select update media content i want this folder to be copied so when i burn the image to a pendrive, this folder have to be placed in %deployroot%.

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actually i have to copy this folder manually to every pendrive i create.

Where in deployment share do i have to place this folder in order to be copied to my scriptroot folder?



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  1. Imanol Oiarzabal 10 Reputation points

    Hi Allen and everyone, no worries. I have solved. I decided to add all apps and tools as apps directly in deployment share so I can install them with arguments or copy to client machine for further installations or whatever. This way I always have all apps I want copied into my offline media and works like a charm. Thank you all. ImaOiar.

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  2. AllenLiu-MSFT 38,321 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor

    Hi, @Imanol Oiarzabal

    Thank you for posting in Microsoft Q&A forum.

    You may try the steps below to see if it helps:

    1. In the MDT deployment workbench, navigate to your deployment share.
    2. Create a folder called "Tools" (or whatever name you prefer) in the root of your deployment share.
    3. Place the files and notes you need in this folder.
    4. Open the bootstrap.ini file in your deployment share control folder (e.g. \MDTServer\DeploymentShare\Control\bootstrap.ini) using Notepad or any text editor you prefer.
    5. Under the [Settings] section, add the following line: DeployRoot=%DeployRoot%\Tools

    This line specifies that the Tools folder in the root of your deployment share will be copied to the offline media in the %DeployRoot% location.

    1. Save and close the bootstrap.ini file.
    2. Update media content of your media and check that the Tools folder is now included in the \Content\Deploy folder of your offline media.
    3. Burn the image to a new pendrive using the updated media content and check that the Tools folder is now in %DeployRoot%.

    Note: Make sure to test this solution before deploying it in a production environment.

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  3. Imanol Oiarzabal 10 Reputation points

    Hi Allen,

    first of all, sorry for taking so long to reply, i was very busy.

    i just tried your method and did no work, maybe i'm doing something wrong.

    I created an Apps named folder in the root of deploymentShare folder (C:\deploymentshare\Apps).
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    updated my bootstrap ini file in control folder adding in [settings] section the line you said
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    go to DeploymentWorkbench, media, update media content
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    and once it finished the Apps folder does not appear anywhere
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    I'm making something wrong?

    thks in advance,


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