How do I keep my mouse and touchscreen responsive when my laptop lid is closed?

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I have installed a remote desktop program on my Microsoft Surface Book 2, which is placed far away from the PC I work on every day. This way, I have two computers working for me while I sit in front of just one of them. It works perfectly. Whenever I want to do something on my stationary Surface Book 2, I just open the window with the remote access program on my other laptop and type away.


However, I would like to close the lid on my Surface Book 2 while still being able to work on it.


It’s easy to keep the CPU and the screen alive while the lid is closed. (Just change the power setting to ”Do nothing when the lid is closed.”)


But in this setting and with my lid closed, the mouse stops working, and the touch function on my touchscreen also goes dead. So even though I can see the screen on my other PC, I can’t work on my SB2 when the lid is closed.


Does anybody have suggestions for me on how to make this work? Thank you!

A bit more info:

I use Win11. My remote desktop program is called Parsec. It works perfectly when my Surface Book 2 lid is open. The problem I solve with this setup is that I like to walk around all over my apartment while working on my laptop, AND I need some bits of external hardware connected to it. I solve this by connecting the hardware to my old Surface Book 2, while working on it through Parsec from my newer laptop.


Again: I hope you can help. Thanks.

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    It seems like you’ve already done the necessary steps to keep your Surface Book 2 running when the lid is closed. However, the issue you’re experiencing might be due to how Parsec interacts with your Surface Book 2 when the lid is closed. Here are a few suggestions that might help:

    HDMI Dummy Plug: One user on Reddit suggested using an HDMI dummy plug. This device tricks your computer into thinking there’s a monitor plugged in, which might keep Parsec active even when the lid is closed.

    Virtual Display Driver: Another suggestion from the same Reddit thread is to turn on the “virtual display driver” in Parsec. This creates a virtual screen that Parsec can cast to, which might solve your issue.

    Check Power Settings: Make sure that your power settings are configured correctly. In addition to the “Do nothing when the lid is closed” setting, you might also need to adjust other related settings.

    Surface Book 2 Design: The Surface Book 2’s design might be causing some issues. The radio and antenna are in the tablet portion of the device, so you might get better performance with the tablet up. Additionally, closing the lid could cause mechanical and radio frequency interference.

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