Get Dataset Schema via ADF API

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Hello folks,

I am struggling to create ADF objects using API in python including datasets and dataflows for azuresql tables. In UI, I can easily create the dataset and ADF reads the schema of table.

Using APIs, how can I create dataset and read the schema of dataset for information to use in data flow transformation?

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  1. Vahid Ghafarpour 14,610 Reputation points

    Here's a sample Python code snippet to create a dataset and read its schema:

    from azure.identity import DefaultAzureCredential
    from azure.mgmt.datafactory import DataFactoryManagementClient
    from azure.mgmt.datafactory.models import DatasetResource
    # Replace with your Azure subscription ID and resource group name
    subscription_id = "YOUR_SUBSCRIPTION_ID"
    resource_group_name = "YOUR_RESOURCE_GROUP_NAME"
    data_factory_name = "YOUR_DATA_FACTORY_NAME"
    # Create the Data Factory Management Client
    credential = DefaultAzureCredential()
    adf_client = DataFactoryManagementClient(credential, subscription_id)
    # Define dataset properties
    dataset_name = "your_dataset_name"
    connection_string = "YOUR_AZURE_SQL_CONNECTION_STRING"
    table_name = "YOUR_AZURE_SQL_TABLE_NAME"
    dataset = DatasetResource(properties={
        "type": "AzureSqlTable",
        "typeProperties": {
            "connectionString": connection_string,
            "tableName": table_name
    # Create the dataset in the Data Factory
    adf_client.datasets.create_or_update(resource_group_name, data_factory_name, dataset_name, dataset)
    # Fetch the dataset schema
    dataset = adf_client.datasets.get(resource_group_name, data_factory_name, dataset_name)
    schema =["typeProperties"]["schema"]
    # Now you can use the 'schema' dictionary to get information about column names, data types, etc.