Few distande user working on the same file in cloud ... 1 user at a time ?

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I know there should be a solution to this but as I see it I then have to use Word- and Excel-Online versions ... and as I see it these versions have limited functionallity and I need macros and more - so I stay with the MSOffice365 Home versions :-)

I have it to work nicely with only ONE user working at a time with the file - let's call that file XYZ - just what I need !

When another user tries to work the XYZ too all the message boxes with "ReadOnly ect. ect." comes up and my users CAN'T manage these messages and are willing to ONLY work 1 user at a time with the XYZ file.

I have found a some code out there where a log-file is generated when a user opens the XYZ file and writes the user name and timestamp in this log file - when that user close XYZ again the log files is deleted. If another users tries to get access to XYZ that new user will get a message that the XYZ file is allready locked by "User BlaBlb at hh:mm" and then has to close again.

The solution works nicely if the log file is placed on a network drive but I can't figure out how to get it to work with the cloud - not the OneDrive on each user pc - but I think I have to get access to "THE cloud" and place the log file up there so each user can get access to the log file.

How can I get access to a starage area where I can place that log-files so all potential users can get access to it ?

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