Where is the generic.xbf file associated with the WindowsAppSDK NuGet?

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When we create a custom WinUI3 NuGet with xaml resources (e.g., Resource Dictionaries with custom styles), we need to provide the corresponding XBF/XAML files along with other NuGet files(e.g.: .dll, .winmd etc) in order to copy them to the client application's output location. However, the self-contained WinUI3 application's output directory does not contain any XBF/XAML files associated with WindowsAppSDK NuGet, such as generic.xaml or generic.xbf.
How does the client application getting XAML resources from WindowsAppSDK NuGet ?
Does the WindowsAppSDK have a specific location where it stores its XBF/XAML files?
If so, may we incorporate this method into our custom NuGet?

Windows App SDK
Windows App SDK
A set of Microsoft open-source libraries, frameworks, components, and tools to be used in apps to access Windows platform functionality on many versions of Windows. Previously known as Project Reunion.
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Windows API - Win32
Windows API - Win32
A core set of Windows application programming interfaces (APIs) for desktop and server applications. Previously known as Win32 API.
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A language based on Extensible Markup Language (XML) that enables developers to specify a hierarchy of objects with a set of properties and logic.
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