Copy picture form excel to onenote with VBA

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I want to copy the picture to onenote used by VBA. But I only get the way that transform picture into BASE64. Is there have any other way?

Wait you feedback, thanks.

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  1. AllenXu-MSFT 14,661 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor

    Hi @周林 陈,

    Yes, there is another option to copy a picture from Excel to OneNote using VBA. You can use the CopyPicture method to copy the picture as it appears in Excel, and then paste it into OneNote.

    Here's an example code snippet to get you started:

    Sub CopyExcelPictureToOneNote()
        ' Copy the picture in Sheet1 to the clipboard
        Sheet1.Range("A1:D5").CopyPicture xlScreen, xlBitmap
        ' Get a reference to the OneNote application
        Dim onApp As OneNote.Application
        Set onApp = CreateObject("OneNote.Application")
        ' Open a new page in the default notebook
        Dim onSection As OneNote.Section
        Set onSection = onApp.GetHierarchy(Null, hsPages, False).Pages(1).ParentSection
        Dim onPage As OneNote.Page
        Set onPage = onSection.AddPage(Null)
        ' Paste the picture into the page
        onPage.Placeholder(Null, False).Select
    End Sub

    In this example, the CopyPicture method is used to copy the range "A1:D5" as it appears on the screen (using the xlScreen and xlBitmap arguments). The picture is then pasted into a new page in OneNote using the Paste method. Note that this code requires a reference to the OneNote type library, which you can add in the VBA editor by going to Tools > References and selecting "Microsoft OneNote 16.0 Object Library" (or a similar version, depending on your installation).

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