BEX error for iCDR.exe

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This is the error message I receive when trying to load icare data recovery pro software. Program opens, then closes I have tried Safe Boot, DEP, Smart Boot, disabled programs, but program continues to have

+	System
		-	Provider
			[ Name] 	Windows Error Reporting
			[ Guid] 	{0ead09bd-2157-539a-8d6d-c87f95b64d70}

			EventID	1001

			Version	0

			Level	4

			Task	0

			Opcode	0

			Keywords	0x8000000000000000

		-	TimeCreated
			[ SystemTime] 	2023-07-24T13:50:56.7331790Z

			EventRecordID	136543


		-	Execution
			[ ProcessID] 	564
			[ ThreadID] 	9292

			Channel	Application

		Bucket	1431261517796481278
		BucketType	5
		EventName	BEX
		Response	Not available
		CabId	0
		P1	iCDR.exe
		P3	647b3c29
		P4	MSVCR80.dll
		P5	8.0.50727.9680
		P6	6090c909
		P7	000489bc
		P8	c000000d
		P9	00000000

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