Unable to get records from the SNOWFLAKE DB using Classic ASP. The no. of records is more than 1000.. However able to get less than 1000 records

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So, I have a classic ASP application which is connecting to the SNOWFLAKE DB hosted on the Azure cloud and while querying the DB we can see that the app is not able to return more than 1000 records but it is able to return less than 1000 records.

Need help to know what property of IIS or classic ASP is causing the issue and fix it

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    @Sam Wu-MSFT ,

    Hope you are doing great.

    So finally I got the solution to issue.

    Let me explain the details.

    We have a classic ASP application connecting to the SNOWFLAKE DB hosted on the Azure cloud platform. The application had been using the SNOWFLAKE DB since Jan'23 and did not report any issues until Jun'23. there are inline queries in the ASP pages which were executed whenever the users click submit.

    any RESULTSET which had less than ~600 records were being fetched and returned to the users without issue. It was only the number of records exceeded ~600 the application pages went into a hung state with no errors popping up.

    We checked everything from server patching updates to any n/w changes or firewall blocking the response.

    Finally after going through N number of Snowflake DB forums it was understood that the Snowflake ODBC driver installed in the application server was outdated and is currently unable to handle the current ~600 records' volume.

    So we updated the ODBC driver and were able to finally restore the application functionality.

    Hope this helps and thanks a lot for responding back.

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