Issue with Face API Octet Stream Input

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Hi team,


Please see the issue details below:


Summary: Issue with Face API Octet Stream Input

Issue Type: Technical

Subscription: Microsoft Azure Enterprise

Service Type: Cognitive Services

Resource: IA007FaceAPI

Problem Type: API Errors and Exceptions for Face detection

Problem Subtype: HTTP 400 Invalid Request


Testing link:


Parameter details:

 User's image

I provided the base 64 data present in this attachment bytes2.txt in the request body in various formats as shown below:

  1. “binarydatastring”
  2. [binarydatastring]
  3. [“binarydatastring”]
  4. “{binarydatastring}”


This is the sample format provided on Microsoft documentation:


"{Image binary in base 64 format}"


This is the format provided on the dev API website: User's image


I’m receiving the following error: 400 Invalid Request

User's image

Can you please assign a technical support person that could assist me with this issue? 

Please reach out to me if you have any questions/concerns.


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