Accessing ADU&C from Windows 11 as admin

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I hope you can help me as I am having issues with using my ADU&C as admin.

I was using Windows 10 and I have moved to Windows 11.

So all accounts that I used are identical for login.

When I try to run ADU&C in my ordinary user account as an admin.

I receive a message User's image

I have managed to sign in as admin but only when I use an admin account as a Windows user.

Then I run ADU&C, and enter my admin password I have access to the account with admin privileges.

Did anyone had a similar issue, and maybe knows how to solve it?


I want to add when I use the domain admin account in my regular user account I can access ADU&C without any issues and I have all permission.

Kind regards

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Active Directory
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    Based on the information you provided, it seems like you are experiencing issues accessing Active Directory Users and Computers (ADU&C) with administrative privileges on Windows 11. This could be related to User Account Control (UAC) settings on your new operating system.

    In Windows, UAC is a security feature that helps prevent unauthorized changes to your computer by prompting for permission or providing credentials when necessary. It appears that when you run ADU&C from your regular user account and try to provide the admin password, you encounter issues.

    Here are some steps you can try to resolve the problem:

    Run ADU&C as an Administrator:

    Right-click on the ADU&C shortcut or executable and select "Run as administrator." This should prompt you to provide the administrator credentials directly without the need to enter them after launching the application.

    UAC Settings:

    Ensure that your UAC settings are properly configured. You can adjust the UAC settings by following these steps:

    Click on the Start button and type "UAC" in the search bar.

    Select "Change User Account Control settings."

    Drag the slider to the "Notify me only when apps try to make changes to my computer (default)" option.

    Click "OK" to save the changes.

    Restart your computer for the changes to take effect.

    Group Membership:

    Ensure that your regular user account is a member of the local "Administrators" group on your computer. To check this:

    Right-click on the Start button and select "Computer Management."

    In the Computer Management window, go to "Local Users and Groups" > "Groups."

    Double-click on the "Administrators" group, and in the properties window, ensure that your regular user account is listed as a member.

    Domain Group Policy:

    If you are in a domain environment, there might be domain group policies affecting the UAC behavior. Check with your domain administrator to ensure there are no specific restrictions in place.

    Compatibility Mode:

    Try running ADU&C in compatibility mode for Windows 10, as it was working fine on that OS. Right-click on the ADU&C shortcut or executable, select "Properties," go to the "Compatibility" tab, and choose "Run this program in compatibility mode for Windows 10."

    Check for Updates:

    Ensure that your Windows 11 installation is up to date by checking for and installing any available updates, including driver updates.

    Please note that performing administrative tasks on your system can have significant consequences. Be cautious while making any changes to your computer's settings and ensure that you understand the implications of your actions.

    If the issue persists after trying these steps, it's recommended to reach out to your organization's IT support or a knowledgeable Windows expert who can further investigate and assist with the specific configuration of your system.

    I used AI provided by ChatGPT to formulate part of this response. I have verified that the information is accurate before sharing it with you.

    Hope this resolves your Query !!

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    The issue was resolved by "Group Membership".

    Thank you very much for the help.

    Kind regards

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