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Hi !

I'm using Azure Form Recognizer Layout Model, Azure Functions and Azure Storage to extract tables and output csv files from pdf file.

I'm developing Functions following this tutorial.

However, I have problem extracting tables.User's image

There are more than 2 tables in 1 page, but only 1 table is extracted from each page.

  • I checked resp_json to find only 1 table is extracted from each page.
  • resp_json is in "Add document processing code" section, paragraph 5 of above link.

Please kindly advise me how to get all tables.User's image

Additional information are as follows:

  • When I try Form Recognizer Studio with the same pdf, I can get result (json file) including all tables, in a minute.
  • Elongating wait_sec of time.sleep(wait_sec) helps me a bit.
    • This code is in "Add document processing code" section, paragraph 5.
      • wait_sec is changed from 25s to 1000s.
        • In that case, 2 tables are extracted from one of the pages, but not all tables.

From above reasons, I suppose the problem is due to Functions, not Form Recognizer.

I wonder if it's due to the execution time of Functions, altough Form Recognizer Studio doesn't take much time to extract all tables.

resp_json and wait_sec in code: User's image

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