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In my SCOM environment, I have set up an Agent Task to execute a custom PowerShell script on targeted agents. However, I'm encountering difficulties as the task fails to run the script as expected.

When attempting to execute the task, I receive the following error message: "Failed to execute PowerShell script as part of Agent Task. Please review the script and task configuration."

Thank you all for your support!

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    Troubleshooting issues with executing PowerShell scripts in SCOM Agent Tasks can be challenging, but there are several common reasons for such failures. Let's go through some potential solutions to help you resolve the problem:

    Script Execution Policy: Check the PowerShell execution policy on the target agents. It's possible that the policy is too restrictive and preventing the execution of unsigned scripts. To run your custom script, you may need to set the execution policy to "RemoteSigned" or "Unrestricted" on the target agents. You can do this using a Group Policy, a startup script, or by running the following command in an elevated PowerShell session on each target agent:

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    Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned

    Script Syntax and Errors: Ensure that your custom PowerShell script is free of syntax errors and runs correctly on the target agents independently. To do this, try running the script manually on one of the target agents to verify if it executes without any issues.

    Script Access and Permissions: Make sure that the SCOM Action Account (the account used to execute the script) has the necessary permissions to access and execute the script on the target agents. Additionally, ensure that the account has the required permissions on any resources the script is interacting with (e.g., files, registry keys, etc.).

    Script Content and Encoding: Check if the content of the script is being copied and pasted from external sources like websites or documents. Sometimes, hidden characters or incorrect encoding can cause issues. Try copying the script to a plain text editor like Notepad and re-save it with UTF-8 encoding.

    Script Parameters and Arguments: Double-check the parameters and arguments used in the SCOM Agent Task configuration. Ensure that the script can handle these parameters correctly and that they match the expected format.

    SCOM Management Pack and Discovery: Ensure that the SCOM Management Pack containing the Agent Task is correctly imported and discovered by the management server. Verify that the target agents have the appropriate Management Pack features and configurations.

    SCOM Agent Proxy Settings: If the target agents are monitored via a proxy, ensure that the proxy settings are configured correctly to allow communication between the management server and the target agents.

    SCOM Health Service Restart: In some cases, a restart of the SCOM Health Service on the target agents can resolve issues with executing Agent Tasks. However, exercise caution before performing this action in a production environment.

    SCOM Event Log and Error Details: Check the SCOM event logs and logs related to the Agent Task execution for more detailed error messages. They might provide additional insights into the root cause of the failure.

    By going through these troubleshooting steps, you should be able to identify the cause of the problem and get your SCOM Agent Task to execute the PowerShell script successfully.

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