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Hi Team,

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We have imported the Microsoft Certificate MP in SCOM 2019 and we were getting expiring certificate alerts. But all of a sudden we are now not getting any alerts related to expiring certificates. What may be the cause of the issue and could you please help us to resolve the issue.

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  1. XinGuo-MSFT 12,391 Reputation points

    Hello Aswin Thomas,

    I understand the issue you're facing. If you were previously receiving expiring certificate alerts in SCOM 2019 and suddenly stopped getting them, there could be several reasons behind it. Let's go through some potential causes and troubleshooting steps to resolve the issue:

    Certificate Monitoring Configuration: Verify that the certificate monitoring configuration in SCOM is still set up correctly. Check if the certificate management pack is still imported and enabled. Also, make sure the certificate discovery and monitoring rules are active.

    SCOM Agent Health: Ensure that the SCOM agents on the monitored servers are healthy and communicating properly with the SCOM management server. If the agents are not functioning correctly, they may not be able to send the certificate-related data to SCOM, leading to the lack of alerts.

    Certificate Discovery: Double-check the certificate discovery process. If the certificates are not being discovered by SCOM, then the monitoring pack won't generate any alerts. You may need to review the discovery configurations to ensure they are accurate.

    Certificate Expiry Threshold: Verify the threshold for triggering expiring certificate alerts. It is possible that the threshold was changed, and the certificates that were previously alerting are now within the new threshold range.

    Event Log Errors: Check the SCOM event logs for any errors or warnings related to certificate monitoring. Look for specific error codes or messages that might give you more insights into the problem.

    SCOM Management Pack Updates: If there were any updates or changes to the SCOM management packs, it could have affected the behavior of certificate monitoring. Review the release notes or documentation for any relevant updates.

    Certificate Changes: Check if there have been any changes in the certificate infrastructure or if certificates have been renewed or reissued. If certificates have been replaced, the old ones may no longer be monitored.

    SCOM Notifications: Review the SCOM notification settings to ensure that the alerts are being sent to the appropriate channels (e.g., email, SMS, etc.).

    Monitoring Service Account Permissions: Ensure that the account used for certificate monitoring in SCOM has the necessary permissions to access the certificate information on the monitored servers.

    SCOM Health Check: Perform a general health check of your SCOM environment to identify any potential issues that might be affecting the certificate monitoring functionality.

    By investigating the points mentioned above, you should be able to narrow down the cause of the issue and take the necessary steps to resolve it.

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  2. Sandro D'Incà 221 Reputation points

    Hi Thomas

    Any updates in this case? i think we are facing in similar problems. it seems that SCOM does not refresh the discovery of certificates / not alerting anymore for expired certificates.

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