Android/iOS Applinks/Deeplinks issue from Outlook-Email default as an edge browser

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Applinks and Deeplinks in our Mobile (ionic) application work fine from email clients such as Gmail and Outlook with a default browser such as Safari. If the app is already installed, clicking the link launches it.

However, when we click on the same link from Outlook email with the default browser, Edge, it opens directly in the browser, because any external links in Outlook email route through safe links, which prevents deep linking to the APP.

I'd appreciate it if you could assist me with this matter as soon as possible. How to handle deep links in Outlook when using a default browser like Edge

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  1. Penchala Nihar 230 Reputation points

    Handling deep links in Outlook when using a default browser like Edge can be a bit tricky, as Outlook's Safe Links feature can interfere with the deep linking process. Safe Links is a security feature in Outlook that protects users from malicious links by redirecting them through Microsoft's servers for scanning before allowing access to the original link.

    To work around this issue and enable deep linking from Outlook emails when using the default browser (Edge), you can consider the following approaches:

    1. Whitelist URLs: If your mobile app uses specific URLs for deep linking, you can work with your organization's IT or security team to whitelist these URLs in the Safe Links policy. By whitelisting, the URLs will bypass the Safe Links scanning process and directly open in the mobile app.
    2. Use Universal Links (iOS) or App Links (Android): If your app supports Universal Links (iOS) or App Links (Android), you can configure them to handle deep links for your domain. These technologies allow you to associate your app with specific URLs, and when users click on those links in an email, they will be directly deep linked to the app if it's installed.
    3. Custom URL Scheme: If your app uses a custom URL scheme for deep linking, you can try using it in the links you send in emails. For example, instead of using, you can use myapp://deeplink. Some email clients may recognize and handle custom URL schemes better.
    4. Use QR Codes: Provide QR codes in your emails that users can scan with their mobile devices. The QR code can contain the deep link URL, and when scanned, it will open the app directly if installed.
    5. Dynamic Links (Firebase): If your app uses Firebase, you can leverage Firebase Dynamic Links, which work across different platforms and handle scenarios where the app is not installed. When users click the dynamic link, they are directed to the app store to install the app or, if already installed, deep linked to the relevant content.
    6. In-App Browsers: Consider using in-app browsers in your mobile app for handling links. These in-app browsers can handle the deep links even when clicked from email clients like Outlook with a default browser like Edge.

    Remember that some of these approaches might require coordination with your app's development team and your organization's IT or security team, especially if you're dealing with security policies and whitelisting URLs. Additionally, always consider the privacy and security implications when implementing deep linking solutions.


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  2. ChristyZhang-MSFT 19,211 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor

    Hi @Kaparapu, Anusha ,

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