how to pass my value in query string

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My value will be like this A1,A2,A6

how to pass this in select * from table1 where Field1 storeprocedure so that this can pull all A1 & A2 & A6 data from table

Thanking You

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  1. QiYou-MSFT 4,306 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor

    Hi @RAVI

    Here is my test table:


    Query String:

    CREATE proc FieldExample @ID1 nvarchar(MAX),@ID2 nvarchar(MAX),@ID3 nvarchar(MAX)
    SELECT*FROM dbo.Test2 WHERE ID in(@ID1,@ID2,@ID3)

    Execute the statement:

    exec FieldExample 'A1','A2','A6'



    Best regards,
    Qi You

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  1. Erland Sommarskog 98,731 Reputation points

    One way is to pass the comma-separated list to SQL Server and then use a function to split it into table format. I have a shorter article on my web site for techniques to do this: Arrays and Lists in SQL Server

    But a better option in my opinion is to pass a table-valued parameter and split the list already in the client. I have an article about this on my web site as well: Using Table-Valued Parameters in SQL Server and .NET

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