How to enable input on PC while Projecting/Mirroring my android device(Using Wireless Display in Windows 11)?

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While mirroring/casting my android device through Wireless Display option on my Laptop using Windows 11 , I am not able to control the android mobile on PC using my mouse/keyboard for input, so please could anyone help me to enable the input option , so that I would be able to control android device on PC during casting/mirroring.

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    Hello Suhail,

    Thank you for your question and for reaching out with your question today.

    Windows 11 doesn't natively support full control of an Android device when using the Wireless Display (Miracast) feature. When you mirror your Android device's screen to your Windows 11 PC using Wireless Display, you can only view the content from your Android device on the PC's display. To interact with your Android device, you would need to do it directly on the Android device itself.

    If you want to control your Android device from your PC, you would need to use third-party software or apps that provide this functionality. Some applications allow you to mirror your Android screen on your PC and offer control features using your mouse and keyboard.

    One such third-party software is Vysor. Vysor is a screen mirroring and control app that allows you to display your Android screen on your Windows PC and use your PC's mouse and keyboard to interact with your Android device. Here's how you can use Vysor:

    1. Install Vysor on your Android device: Go to the Google Play Store on your Android device, search for "Vysor," and install the app.
    2. Install Vysor on your Windows PC: Visit the Vysor website ( on your PC, download the Vysor app for Windows, and install it.
    3. Connect your Android device to your PC: Ensure that both your Android device and Windows PC are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Launch Vysor on your PC.
    4. Enable USB Debugging on your Android device: On your Android device, go to Settings > Developer options (if not visible, go to Settings > About phone > tap "Build number" multiple times until Developer options are enabled). Inside Developer options, enable "USB debugging."
    5. Connect your Android device to your PC via USB: Connect your Android device to your PC using a USB cable.
    6. Grant USB debugging permission: When prompted on your Android device to allow USB debugging, grant the permission.
    7. Start mirroring and control: In Vysor on your PC, select your Android device from the list and click on "View." Your Android screen will now be mirrored on your PC, and you can use your PC's mouse and keyboard to control it.

    Please note that Vysor and similar third-party solutions may have limitations or require a paid version for advanced features. Additionally, features and compatibility might have changed since my last update. Always ensure that you download software from trusted sources and be aware of the permissions and privacy settings when using third-party apps to mirror and control your Android device.

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