Is it possible to create an Id field for idempotency in a Log Analytics custom log table?

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Is it possible to create a unique Id field in a custom log table that would enforce idempotency?

I am using the LogAnalytics.Client library to push data into a custom log and need to be sure there is no duplicate data being sent in the batches. I have a unique I field which is populated with a Guid, I was looking to see if I could set that as some unique or primary key on the table.

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  1. Ben Gimblett 2,980 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    Hey - Thanks for the question

    The only thing that I could think of was possibly using Data Collection Rules (DCRs) however whilst this offers transformation it's row by row (not even on an incoming batch) . Also the KQL available for transformations is limited at this time

    The thing is with Log Analytics is that it's engineered for fast inserts and fast reads - it isn't like a regular referential / tabular database

    You could de-duplicate on read using KQL (e.g. distinct) based on field(s) that have values individually or together that provide uniqueness but it wouldn't actually be removing the duplicates it's a view on the existing data

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