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Boa tarde,

Atualmente tenho um ADFS configurado, mas preciso migrar para outro servidor.

Ao fazer as alterações para o novo servidor, não estou conseguindo alterar os campos que estão em inglês. Preciso de ajuda para efetuar as alterações.

Active Directory
Active Directory
A set of directory-based technologies included in Windows Server.
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Active Directory Federation Services
Active Directory Federation Services
An Active Directory technology that provides single-sign-on functionality by securely sharing digital identity and entitlement rights across security and enterprise boundaries.
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    Hello Leandro,
    Thank you for your question and for reaching out with your question today.
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    Migrating from one ADFS (Active Directory Federation Services) server to another involves moving the configuration and trust settings to the new server. During the migration process, you might encounter fields that are in English and need to be modified. It's essential to make these changes carefully to ensure a successful migration. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you with the migration process and changing the necessary fields:
    1. **Backup the Existing ADFS Server:**
       Before starting the migration process, ensure you have a complete backup of the existing ADFS server, including the configuration and trust settings. This backup will serve as a safety net in case anything goes wrong during the migration.
    2. **Install ADFS on the New Server:**
       Install ADFS on the new server and configure it as per your requirements. Ensure the new ADFS server is running the same version of ADFS as the existing server.
    3. **Export Configuration from the Existing Server:**
       Use the PowerShell cmdlet `Export-AdfsFarm` on the existing ADFS server to export the configuration settings. This command will generate an XML file containing the ADFS farm settings.
    4. **Import Configuration to the New Server:**
       Use the PowerShell cmdlet `Import-AdfsFarm` on the new ADFS server to import the configuration settings from the XML file generated in the previous step.
    5. **Verify Trust Relationships:**
       Check all the trust relationships that exist on the existing ADFS server. Ensure they are correctly configured and are also present on the new server. Verify that the Relying Party Trusts and Claims Provider Trusts are accurately configured on the new server.
    6. **Change Fields in English:**
       If you encounter fields that are in English on the new server and need to be changed, you'll need to identify those fields and modify them accordingly. To do this, follow these steps:
       - Open the ADFS Management Console on the new server.
       - Navigate to the relevant settings that need to be changed (e.g., Relying Party Trusts, Claims Provider Trusts).
       - For each trust, review the properties and ensure they are configured correctly for your environment. If any of the fields are in English and need to be changed, modify them with the appropriate values for your organization.
    7. **Update DNS and Certificates:**
       After the migration is complete, update the DNS records and certificates to point to the new ADFS server. Ensure that the DNS records and certificates are configured correctly to avoid any disruptions in the authentication process.
    8. **Test the New ADFS Server:**
       Once all the settings have been migrated and verified, test the new ADFS server thoroughly to ensure it is functioning as expected. Test various scenarios, including single sign-on, claims issuance, and trust relationships.
    9. **Monitor and Rollback Plan:**
       After transitioning to the new ADFS server, monitor the system closely to ensure there are no issues. If any issues arise, you can use the backup of the original ADFS server to roll back the changes.
    Remember, ADFS migration is a critical process, and any misconfiguration could lead to authentication failures or other issues. Therefore, it's crucial to plan the migration carefully and test the new ADFS server thoroughly before deploying it in a production environment.
    If you encounter specific issues or have questions about changing the fields in English, please provide more details, and I'd be happy to assist you further.
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