Get period of Year and Month Based on SQL query

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Hi, Lets say I have year start and year end with the period of month. (Given in sample DDL)

How can I write SQL query from the temp table and get month start and year like below shown in the expected output?

Expected Output:

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SQL Version:

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Sample DDL:

INSERT INTO #TempParameters (year_start, year_end, period)
VALUES (2021, 2023, 5); -- Change period to 5

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Accepted answer
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    Check this solution:

    with Q1 as 
        select year_start as y, year_end, period
        from  #TempParameters
        union all
        select y + 1, year_end, period
        from Q1
        where y + 1 <= year_end
    Q2 as
        select y, 1 as m1, case when period > 12 then 12 else period end m2, period
        from  Q1
        union all
        select y, m2 + 1, case when m2 + period > 12 then 12 else m2 + period end m2, period
        from Q2
        where m2 < 12
    select m1 as month_start, m2 as month_end, y as [year]
    from Q2
    order by [year], month_start
    option (maxrecursion 0)
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