Server Licencing when Mirrored.

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I was told that if you set up 2 servers up as MIRRORED, in order to use Windows Server and SQL Server, that you only need 1 licence for Windows Server and 1 for SQL Server to use on the 2 mirrored servers, as they are essentially the same machine with a redundant backup.

Is this accurate?

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  1. Dave Patrick 426.1K Reputation points MVP

    Is this accurate?

    Sorry, but no it isn't (windows server OS-wise)

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  2. Erland Sommarskog 98,811 Reputation points

    I can only speak for the SQL Server part. Database mirroring is a deprecated functionality, and has been since SQL 2012 when Availability Groups were introduced.

    If I recall correctly, you can have one passive replica with your license. That is, it must be strictly passive, it cannot be a readonly secondary. If you have Software Assurance, you can have one more.

    However, for more accurate information, check the SQL Server Licensing Guide for the version of SQL Server you are using:

    And when in doubt, for an authoritative answer, contact a Microsoft licensing specialist.

    This is a technical forum where questions are answered by techies. Legal stuff is beyond our expertise.

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  3. Bruce ( 52,491 Reputation points

    you will need a windows license for both servers.

    for Sqlserver it depends on the version of sqlserver. the sqlserver 2019+ license includes one fail over sql server instance. the fail-over server must be passive (no access while not primary).

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