Recovery key mismatch problem with bitlocker

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Question: Hello, when I reinstalled the system, only one of the recovery keys was paired with one of my disks, and the other did not match.

What happened: I didn't know what was wrong because of win10 automatic update yesterday, and all the direct network components of the system crashed. My computer model is FA706QM. When I went to the official maintenance point to ask, they said to reset the system, but after the reset, all the contents of the disk will be emptied, if you only want to empty disk c, you can only go to the outside store. So I went to the outside store to reinstall the system. But when I came back, I found that all the disks except disk C were locked and needed bitlocker's recovery key. I logged in to all my Microsoft accounts and showed that there was no automatic upload key. Except for my education mailbox. But the bitlocker recovery key found by the education account only corresponds to the newly installed SSDs. The other two disks do not match.

Guess: because the matching two hard drives were separated from disk C long ago (2 years ago). Maybe this is a reason, resulting in a key mismatch. Are there anything I can do about this?


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    Have you encrypted other drives before? Refer to this document to find the recovery key:

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