UWP- Peerfinder.ConnectAsync() not able to send request to host machine

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I am creating UWP application for surface devices and need to transfer data using app when not connected to internet using Wifi-Direct.

I have two surface devices - surface pro 5 and 6. Both have same configuration Windows 10 version 2004.

Below are the issues I am facing while creating connection using Peerfinder between these two devices using Wifi-Direct:
Case 1: Surface 5 (peerfinder is running as Host) and surface 6 (peerfinder is running as Client). Surface 6 (as client) is able to find device surface 5 (host), but when try to connect with surface 5 using Peerfinder.CoonectAsync(peer), surface 6 give error "One or more errors occured while processing the request. (Excep_FromHResult 0x80070306)".

Case 2: Surface 6 (pperfinder is running as Host) and surface 5 (peerfinder is running as Client). Surface 5 is able to send connection request to surface 6, but surface 6 not able process that request. Surface 6 Peerfinder.ConnectAsync(peer) gives error "Arg_ArgumentException".

I also have surface pro 3 device. Surface 3 (Windows 10 version 1909) and surface 5 device are successfully able to create socket using Peerfinder. but they are no able to connect with surface pro 6.

How to resolve this problem with surface pro 6?
Thanks in advance.


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