How do I correct a transparent bridge issue that appears as "PCI to PCI Bridge" with code 10?

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I have a PMC data acquisition card installed on a PCIe to PMC adapter plugged into a thunderbolt chassis. This configuration works fine with a PC(Win10) but, when I connect it to a laptop, I receive "This device cannot start (code 10)".

The issue appears to be related to the bridge device(IDT TSI384) located on the PCIe to PMC adapter.

On the PC, the bridge appears correctly under "System Devices" as "PCI Express to PCI(-X) Bridge".

On the Laptop, the bridge appears under "System Devices" as "PCI to PCI Bridge" with code 10.

I have been using this bridge device for years without any driver related issues until now.

This device is a transparent bridge that has not required any driver support beyond those offered by Windows.

I noticed the PCI.sys file on the PC was dated (05\28\2023). The Laptop is 08\23\2023(roll back driver is disable).

I have another adapter with a different bridge(IDT TSI381) that installs, works correctly, using the Windows provided driver(PCI.inf, PCI.sys).

Is it possible to use an older PCI.sys file or is it a resource issue?

More information:

TSI384 - PCIe 4 lane, transparent bridge, 32/64-bit addressing, 32/64-bit bus, PCI or PCI-X capable.

TSI381 - PCIe 1 lane, transparent bridge, 32/64-bit addressing, 32-bit bus, PCI only.

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