How to change the default silence between sentences in Azure Speech Studio UI?

Attila Gulyas 96 Reputation points

Started experimenting with SSML by adding the line below in a voice section; it affects all adjacent sentences, but will preserve the longer silence between paragraphs, which exactly what I need. (Speech Studio seems to treat line breaks as implicit boundaries of paragraphs, even if the p tags are not present to mark them explicitly.)

<mstts:silence type="Sentenceboundary" value="200ms"/>

The problem is that I will have to add this inside each voice section manually.

Is there a way to achieve the same effect by tweaking the UI (or an SSML feature I missed)?

There is this question Azure text-to-speech - customize silence time - Microsoft Q&A, but I don't want to do this through an API - just use the Speech Studio for casual TTS jobs.

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