AD Script to get all members of groups with same naming convention

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I am trying to run a script to tell me all the members of groups that start with a certain naming convention.
I basically want to combine Get-ADGroupMember with Get-ADGroup -Filter {name -like "*_"}

So i want a query to pull all members of groups that start with lets say "ABC" --would want the group name and all members exported.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Rich Matheisen 44,776 Reputation points

    Something like this?

    Get-ADGroup -filter "name -like '*_*'" |    # matches _ABC, ABC_, ABC_DEF . . . I.E., anything with a _ character in the name
            $n = $
            $m = @()
            Get-ADGroupMember $_.DistinguishedName |
                    $m += $_.SamAccountName
                GroupName = $n
                Members = $m -join ";"
        } | Export-Csv c:\junk\mem.csv -NoTypeInformation
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