ASP.NET Web Forms User control cannot find the code behind

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This has been going on for quite a bit now and I kind of got used to it but I would be grateful if someone can help me find an answer.

I have an webforms project with .ascx user controls. For some reason in the markup, it says it cannot find the code behind files meaning some autocompletes don't work and I can't go to the code behind using shortcuts (those are the things which I use the most). The project compiles and publishes without issues and everything works fine.

I have tried quite a bit of solutions online but nothing seemed to work. Last time I was able to fix it by recreating the project, but that is no longer an option as there are a lot of files now.

Thank you for your time!

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  1. Albert Kallal 4,641 Reputation points

    Ok, this came up the other day here. And off and on for many years, I seen this issue.

    Now, I have trouble re-creating the issue!

    I suggest this:

    close all pages and code behind pages

    do a clean project.

    User's image

    Now, delete all files in the bin folder

    (ONLY do this assuming this is a web site application - one with .sln file).

    So, right click on the solution explorer, and choose open in file explore.


    User's image

    browse to the bin folder and open it. Now, delete EVERYTHING inside. (so, ctrl-a, and then hit del key).

    Now, do a rebuild solution. This:

    User's image

    Now, try opening the aspx page with the ascx control. It should work.