On prem AD users without email or 365 subscriptions dont show up in Organization charts when looking at contacts

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We have users in our on-prem active directory for factory workers that don't need any services, so no email or office 365 subscriptions. We put them in AD just so they would complete the organization charts you see when drilling up/down from the contacts list of an outlook email. They do replicate to Azure AD. Do they require some minimal amount of licensing to show up in the Organization option?

Our exchange is hybrid with on-prem users and Office 365 users. The on-prem users which do not show up in the org chart do not have email, just AD accounts. But the accounts are setup with all of the organization information that should show them under the manager - who does have email.



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Exchange Server Management
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  1. Yuki Sun-MSFT 35,166 Reputation points

    Hi @Mike Mancour

    TestN is not in Exchange on-prem or in Exchange 365 which may be the issue, but I am not sure how to add an unlicensed user to Exchange in either enviornment.

    Sorry that I don't have a hybrid environment to test the exactly same scenario as yours. But based on my test in a pure Exchange Online lab tenant, seems like an AAD user with no mailbox or any license can successfully show up in the Organization chart:

    I created a new user "test0828" yesterday from Microsoft 365 admin center, set the manager properties as "admin01" and didn't assign any license to it.
    User's image

    Today (almost 24 hours has passed since I created the user) when I check admin01's Organization chart from an email in Outlook, test0828 is listed there:
    User's image

    Given this, if it's acceptable for you to create these users in the cloud side, probably you can give this a shot by creating a test user from the admin center without assigning licenses, then add the manager field by selecting the user and go to the details flyout. Wait for a few hours and check if it can show up in the organization chart.

    By the way, considering that it's a public community, I just edited the images you shared by obfuscating sensitive data like phone number, domain name, etc. for privacy concern.

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  1. Mike Mancour 20 Reputation points

    Hi Yuki, thanks for your reply. I tried looking in the Organization tab via the Address Book in Outlook, and they do not show up there either. In the picture below, Mia is a fully licensed manager, and her fully licensed employees show up. But user TestN, who is in AD and AAD with Mia as manager does not show up.


    Here is AD with TestN user and Mia as manager


    Here is TestN user in AAD (populated via synchronization/replication from AAD Connecti


    Here you can see TestN does not show up from Mia's organization chart displayed from outlook


    TestN is not in Exchange on-prem or in Exchange 365 which may be the issue, but I am not sure how to add an unlicensed user to Exchange in either enviornment.

    Thanks for your insights!


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