How to get correct response status (accept/decline) of the event attendees using graph calendar api?

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I'm trying to get the attendees response status (accept/decline) from calendar api. But no matter I accept or decline the meeting, the response shows 'none'.

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From the attendees side, I use this API to accept the event: POST /me/events/{id}/accept. After that, the responseStatus is "accepted", but the status in attendees is still "none".

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From organizer side, the status of attendees is "none", too.

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How can I get the correct responseStatus of attendees? Thanks!

Microsoft Graph Calendar API
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  1. Ab-8756 795 Reputation points

    Hello Siqi Yang,
    Thank you for your post in this Q&A forum.

    I have done some tests, before accepting the invite, it shows none for everyone.
    Once one attendee accepts the invite it shows accepted and for rest it shows none.
    One of the attendees rejected the invite and it shows rejected.
    since the organizer doesn't need to response to the invite so for organizer status shows none.
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    There might be a bug causing this issue from you end, I would strongly recommend you open a ticket with Microsoft.
    Hope this helps.
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